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United Stroke Alliance Presents

You've Had a Stroke, Now What? Online Video Series

This video series was created to help the millions of people who have experienced stroke, a truly life changing event.  Stroke survivors, caregivers, and family members have openly shared their frustrations and challenges during countless hours of discussion at our Stroke Camps.  It is our hope that this effort, born out of the passion of caregivers and their survivors, will help this often under-served population.  

Along with professionals you will see stroke survivors, caregivers, and volunteers share day-to-day challenges and triumphs.  We trust that these video chapters covering many of the challenges faced following stroke will help survivors, caregivers, and family members transition from the hospital to their home, and beyond. 


01 The New Normal: Life After a Stroke
02 Family & Friends: Changing Roles & Relationships
03 I Need a Nap!: Fatigue & Stroke
04 Darnit! I Know That Word: Dealing with Aphasia
05 Walking in Your Shoes: Advice FOR Caregivers FROM Caregivers
06 Facing the Public: Going Out in the World Again After a Stroke
07 Lean On Me: Stroke Support Groups /Stroke Camp
08 Five Dark Clouds: Depression, Anger. Frustration, Sadness, Anxiety
09 True Grit: Perseverance in Recovery
10 Just One More Time: The Role of Exercise & Repetition in Recovery
11 Creativity: Music & the Arts After a Stroke
12 Faith & Inspiration: The Role of a Higher Power
13 Don't Forget to Laugh: The Power of Humor in Recovery
14 Attitude & Motivation: Finding Joy Again
15 Out Takes & Credits