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Stroke Awareness

Over 500,000 people in America survive a stroke each year. This life changing event could be mitigated if the patient had received early treatment for the stroke. Unfortunately, early treatment has not been applied because the person or family member did not know the signs of stroke. In fact, 80% of Americans that experience a stroke do not respond quick enough because they did not know the signs of stroke. The more time treatment is delayed, the more functioning is lost as a result of the loss of 1,900,000 brain cells a minute. 

BE-FASTER! represents the majority of the signs of stroke and is part of the United Stroke Alliance mission to educate the American public on stroke awareness.

To help understand and remember BE-FASTER! we have put a free of cost app on the Google Play Store for Android devices, and on the Apple Store for Apple devices. Search for the app name BE-FASTER! Use all capital letters and include the dash and exclamation point. The app does not collect any information about your device nor for the use of the app. 


Our Programs

Women are 2x more likely to have a stroke than breast cancer